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Introduction to Ground Zero Ministries - Utica, NY -  by Pastor Tom Gilbert:




Ground Zero Ministries

- A Life Changing Support Program -

If you were to look on Google maps, 1214 Noyes Street, Utica, NY would appear to be just an ordinary house, rather plain, certainly not fancy, and easily overlooked.  But beyond the plain and ordinary door lies something much to the contrary.  To the women who call this house home, there is a vision.  That vision is the united pursuit of Christ alone, who is the Way.  It is in the Way of Christ these individuals are experiencing the transformational power of the gospel, the Truth.  In the Truth of Christ there is freedom from every sin issue allowing these women to live in Him who is the Life.  This home is a sisterhood that strives to create and maintain true community through selfless transparency, welcoming Christ Himself to expose the heart and any hidden deception as His light ushers in Truth and freedom.  Thus the souls of Ground Zero Ministries, in pursuing surrender daily to the simple gospel, believe that Christ has dealt the death blow of His love through the cross dismantling deception, destroying sin, and discarding shame.  At the same time, Christ is restoring His image, His value, and His destiny within His daughters who NOW are empowered by grace to grow in His likeness and kingdom living.



Friday Night Ground Zero Meetings

Ground Zero meetings are a place where you can come learn about Jesus and how to apply the Bible to everyday life. We are a support group to help individuals learn to build a relationship with Jesus to help recover and overcome life controlling issues and habitual sin. We are located at the Redeemer Church International Campus on 412 South Street in Utica. The meetings are Friday evenings from 7:30-9:30. Message Pastor Thomas Gilbert III for details or any questions, cares, or concerns you may have.

Where: 412 South Street, Utica NY

When: Friday nights, 7:30-9:30